Here’s a super quick #mediocreroadwarrior tip for you. Don’t ever pay to check your luggage. First off, you should learn to pack a carryon. Check out this video to learn how. Packing a carryon is an art. Luckily for you, it’s an art anyone can learn!!

Next, once you are at your gate, simply ask the gate agent to check your bag for you. It’s free…always. Usually the gate agents are begging people to check luggage due to limited overhead storage. Now, I don’t always advocate checking bags. In fact, the only two times I do check luggage is…

  1. I have an insanely close connecting flight and don’t have time to either wait for valet checked bags or don’t have time to drag my luggage behind me.
  2. I have a dumb long layover and don’t want to carry my bag all around the airport.

Ain’t nobody got time to waste money on checking luggage. Let the airlines do it for you…for free…like the good ol’ days.